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Find out how we support MDR.

Technical Account Manager (TAM)

The following service components are available to all Sophos customers and partners who are entitled to a TAM and have valid licenses and, solely with respect to products, paid up Maintenance Fees.

Enhanced Plus is a prerequisite for our Technical Account Management offering.


As a Sophos partner, you will find an overview of all services to support your customers in our partner portal.

Named Technical Account Manager (TAM)

A named Sophos Support engineer who is dedicated to your account and will perform the following:

  • Monitor all logged incidents to facilitate timely, high-quality handling and resolution
  • Conduct quarterly account reviews
  • Champion feedback with Sophos product and services management
  • Partner with you to understand your business and security needs and help you to maximize the benefit from your Sophos solutions

Proactive communications and alerts

  • Advanced notification of product enhancements, updates, upgrades and advisories
  • Access to the VIP Newsletter and VIP Notification

Performance and feature optimization

  • Expert technical advice, assisting you in determining the correct number of servers, hardware capacity and product architecture to account for the evolution of enterprise needs and product requirements
  • Annual remote system health checks monitoring Sophos product and making recommendations for product parameter tuning to optimize performance
  • Direct access to a senior support engineer during product upgrades

Emergency onsite support

  • With a situation of Critical Severity, where other forms of support have been unable to resolve the issue, the customer or partner will have the option to request that a product expert be available on-site as soon as reasonably practicable. We will analyze the critical aspects of the incident and take steps to correct the incident or reduce the severity level.

Championed access to Sophos resources

  • Advance notice and access to beta versions of Sophos solutions
  • Your TAM will connect directly with Product Managers, SophosLabs Managers, Development, Senior Executives or any other Sophos members as needed to act as your champion within Sophos