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Find out how we support MDR.

Support and services teams

  • Technical Support

    Technical Support is responsible for assisting with break/fix issues and is available 24x7. The team assists with solving discrete problems in the installation process as well. This includes guidance on general installation questions and referrals to KBAs, guides, and RMAs. Technical Support does not complete full deployments. Implementation requests will be directed to the Professional Services or Support Implementation Services team.

    Support scope and communication methods

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  • Support Implementation Services (SIS)

    Support Implementation Services is responsible for deploying smaller engagements with customers when they require additional assistance in setup and configuration (outside of support) and do not require a full Professional Services deployment. Where there is an urgent, or time sensitive, need for a Professional Services engagement, provided the request meets the scope of SIS, this team can be brought in to complete the work at short notice.

    Support Implementation Services

  • Professional Services (PS)

    Professional Services helps you minimize security risks. Our team expertly implements and configures our products to your specific needs, adhering to best practices to protect your organization from both accidental and intentional threats

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  • Technical Account Manager (TAM)

    Technical Account Managers are responsible for the overall support experience for their assigned roster of Enterprise Customers. Their mission is to ensure that each of their accounts has an exceptional support experience and obtains value from their purchased Sophos products and services. TAMs achieve this by using their deep technical knowledge of Sophos products, reviewing product telemetry, and leveraging their contacts within Sophos to the customer's benefit. TAMs own responsibility for technical support cases, provide incident management, and work to provide root cause assessments post-incident.

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  • Customer Success Manager (CSM)

    Customer Success helps our customers achieve their expected business outcomes and maximize their Sophos post-sales experience, using both high-touch and tech-touch motions and is available 24x7. We leverage telemetry data coming from our products and use a combination of automation tools and proactive outreach to make our customers more successful. Our focus is on effective onboarding, product knowledge and education, and seek a renewal as our northstar.

  • Partner Care

    Partner Care is the partner’s single point of contact to seamlessly and efficiently resolve all operational, non-technical questions and is available 24x7. This team provides quoting, licensing, partner portal and general partner account support.

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  • Customer Care

    Customer Care is the customer’s single point of contact to seamlessly and efficiently resolve all operational, non-technical questions and is available 24x7. This team provides login, licensing, and general customer account support.

    Support portal

  • Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

    Provides 24/7 threat hunting, detection, and response capabilities delivered by an expert team as a fully-managed service.

    Managed Detection and Response

  • Rapid Response (RR)

    Provides incredibly fast assistance, identifying and neutralizing active incidents against an organization – delivered by an expert team of incident responders.

    Rapid Response

    Incident Response Services

  • Sales Engineering (SE)

    Involved with customers pre-sale, to assist with ensuring customers get the best fit from our products. They also remain involved with customers and partners as trusted advisors.