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Supported migration paths

Migration guide

You can’t undo migration after you’ve started, so it’s important to plan properly.

This document explains how to migrate from an on-premise Sophos Mobile server to the Sophos Mobile product in Sophos Central.

We call this “Migration from Sophos Mobile to Sophos Central.”

We strongly recommend that you do as follows:

  • Contact our Professional Services team to see how they can help you migrate successfully.
  • Follow the steps in this migration guide.
  • Resolve any issues found by the migration assistant.

Before you begin

Before you start migration, you need to know the following restrictions:

  • Your Sophos Mobile license in Sophos Central must match the license of the account that you want to migrate. For example, you can’t migrate from a Mobile Advanced license to a Mobile Standard license.
  • You can’t migrate to a trial account.
  • You can’t migrate if you already added devices to Sophos Mobile in Sophos Central.
  • You can’t select the items to migrate. If you want to exclude some devices or policies, delete them before starting the migration.
  • You can’t undo migration.
  • You can’t resume migration after you canceled it.
  • You can’t repeat migration. After you started migration, you can’t migrate the same account again or migrate another account to the same Sophos Central account.