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Supported migration paths

Migrate to multiple Sophos Central accounts or sub-estates

You can migrate computers managed by a single Sophos Enterprise Console server to more than one Sophos Central account.

To do this, you must access each account in turn and migrate computers to it.

You must also follow these instructions if you have multiple sub-estates belonging to the same Sophos Central account.

To migrate, do as follows:

  1. In the migration tool, connect to the first Sophos Central account you want to use, and migrate computers.


    We recommend that you migrate all the computers that you want to manage with this Sophos Central account before you migrate to other accounts. You can't easily switch back to using this account.

  2. You must make sure that no computers show the Migrating or Pending status (check the Migrating filter doesn't show any entries).

    Skipping this step causes incorrect information to show in Sophos Central Migration Tool when you sign in with a new account.

  3. If you've created scheduled tasks to run Sophos Migration Agent on remote Update Managers (SUMs), turn them off.

  4. Give Sophos Central Migration Tool access to another Sophos Central account as follows:
    1. Restart Sophos Central Migration Tool.
    2. In the Connect to Sophos Central dialog, click Set up a new one under the passphrase field. You need to sign in to Sophos Central, create a new API token, and set a passphrase.
  5. When prompted, enter your new passphrase.
  6. Sophos Central Migration Tool detects that you're using a new account.

    The tool tries to clean up files used for the previous account, including the "migration package" in the local default Update Manager share. If it fails, it prompts you to clean up manually. See Clean up before migration to a new account.


    If the new account has fewer licensed features than the old one, computers previously shown as "Ready" may now be shown as "Not ready" and require remediation.

  7. If you distributed the migration package to any remote Update Managers, you need to delete it manually. See Clean up before migration to a new account

    If you copied the package manually to other folders or shares, delete it from those locations.

  8. In the migration tool, assess and migrate computers to the new Sophos Central account.

  9. If you've created scheduled tasks to run Sophos Migration Agent on remote SUMs, turn them on.

We recommend that you delete the token for the Sophos Central account you used previously. In Sophos Central, in Settings > API Token Management, select the token and click Delete.