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Supported migration paths

Migrate a large number of computers

If you have a large number of computers, plan your migration to avoid high network bandwidth usage.

Migration increases bandwidth usage because:

  • Migration downloads and installs a new Sophos Central agent on all computers.
  • After migration, computers get updates directly from Sophos (by default).

We recommend that you migrate computers in batches and set up "Update Caches" in Sophos Central, as described below.

Migrate computers in batches

Sophos Central Migration Tool supports assessment and migration for Sophos Enterprise Console instances that manage up to 5000 computers.

However, to reduce the bandwidth you use, consider limiting the number of computers you select and include in each migration task.

Set up Update Caches

After migration, by default computers get updates directly from Sophos, instead of local update locations (or CIDs) as before.

If you want to avoid this, you can set up Update Caches in Sophos Central.

Update Caches allow your computers to get their Sophos Central updates from a cache on a server on your network, rather than directly from Sophos. This saves you bandwidth, as updates are downloaded only once, by the server.

Computers will automatically update from the nearest available cache.

In Sophos Central, go to Settings > Manage Update Caches and Message Relays.