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Supported migration paths

Migrate sub-estates

You can migrate computers according to the sub-estates they're in.


In Sophos Enterprise Console, a sub-estate is a named part of the IT estate, containing a subset of your computers and groups.

Migrating each sub-estate separately helps you to avoid migrating computers accidentally.

By default, Sophos Central Migration Tool shows you all computers in the default sub-estate. To select a sub-estate:

  1. In the migration tool, select View > Select a Sub-Estate.
  2. Select a sub-estate from the drop-down list.

    The computer list now shows only the computers in that sub-estate. The title bar also shows the name of the sub-estate.

  3. Select and migrate computers as usual.


When you restart Sophos Central Migration Tool, this setting isn't kept. The computer list will show all computers again.