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Supported migration paths

Warnings for computers that are "Ready"

You may see warnings beside computers that are "Ready" for migration.

Check the table below to see what the warning means and whether you need to take action.

Warning Comments
{productname} is not supported by Sophos Central and will be uninstalled during migration You don’t need to take action. After migration, the computer won't have the named product installed.
Primary update location is not a UNC path. Depending on your Sophos Enterprise Console setup, migration may not work with this non-UNC path.
Primary update location is not updated by the local Sophos Update Manager. The computer gets updates from a remote Sophos Update Manager. You must make changes on that Sophos Update Manager before you migrate. See Advanced guide.
Some policy settings may change after migration. See Policy settings may change.
The computer has the exploit prevention feature installed. You may need to restart it during the migration. Restart the computer (if necessary).