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Supported migration paths

Policy settings may change

When you migrate computers, the policy settings used on them may change.

The migration tool doesn't migrate your policy settings to Sophos Central. Instead, it applies Sophos Central policies as follows:

  • Migrated computers get the Sophos Central policies you set for the computer (or server) group that the computers are in.


    Computers are placed in groups by Sophos Central AD Sync.

  • If a migrated computer isn't associated with a group, or is in a newly-created group, it gets the base (default) Sophos Central policies.

  • Even when migrated computers get group policies, other policies, such as user-based policies, can override them.

Review your Sophos Central policies and check how your policy settings will change after the migration, especially if you've modified the default policies in Sophos Enterprise Console.

For more information on how policy settings will change, see Sophos Central Migration: Policy changes following migration.

For information about Sophos Central policies, see the Sophos Central help.