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Supported migration paths

Migrate the Sophos Enterprise Console management server

Follow these instruction to migrate your management server.

If you've migrated all endpoint computers, you can migrate the Sophos Enterprise Console management server to Sophos Central.

  1. Uninstall Sophos Central Migration Tool.
  2. Uninstall Sophos Enterprise Console. Uninstall components in this order:

    • Sophos Management Console
    • Sophos Management Database
    • Sophos Management Server
    • Sophos Update Manager


    Uninstalling the Sophos Management Database component doesn't remove the databases attached to the SQL Server instance. For a list of databases associated with each console, see Associated database names. If you're planning to leave the SQL Server instance in place, the databases remain attached.

    See also How to uninstall Sophos Enterprise Console and Sophos Endpoint Security and Control from the same computer.

  3. Run the Sophos Central agent installer to migrate the server.

    You can download the installer for Server Protection for Windows from the Protect Devices page in Sophos Central.

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