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Supported migration paths

"Error (Timed out)"

Dealing with time out errors.

If a migration action times out on a computer before the computer can be migrated to Sophos Central, you'll see the following:

  • An orange warning icon:
  • "Error (Timed out)" in the Status column next to the computer.

This error appears when:

  • The computer has been “Pending” for too long. By default, the timeout occurs after two hours if the computer is connected to the network and communicating with Sophos Enterprise Console. If the computer is offline, the timeout will occur after 24 hours.
  • The computer has been “Migrating”, and hasn't been found in the list of computers managed by Sophos Central, for too long. By default, the timeout occurs after one hour.

There are several possible reasons for the timeout error. For example, there may be a connection problem between Sophos Central and the server on which Sophos Central Migration Tool is running.

Check in Sophos Central to see if the computer has migrated and appears in Sophos Central.


A computer appears in Sophos Central as soon as it has migrated and registered, but it doesn’t appear in Sophos Central Migration Tool until it has updated at least once after that and is protected.

If the computer appears in Sophos Central, wait several minutes and check the computer entry in Sophos Central Migration Tool again. If it still shows the error, try restarting the tool and signing in to your Sophos Central account again.

If the computer doesn’t appear in Sophos Central, go to that computer and check whether Sophos Endpoint Security and Control is still installed. Try running the Sophos Central agent installer manually on the computer.