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Supported migration paths

Access encrypted computers after decommission

You can access BitLocker encrypted Windows computers or FileVault 2 encrypted Macs that you managed with SafeGuard Enterprise but haven't migrated to another management solution.


You set up SafeGuard Enterprise as described in Set up minimal SafeGuard Enterprise system.

Access BitLocker encrypted computers

To access BitLocker encrypted computers, use SafeGuard Management Center to get BitLocker recovery keys and challenge-response codes.

For computers with SafeGuard Enterprise BitLocker management with Challenge/Response installed, see Challenge/Response for BitLocker.

For computers that have SafeGuard Enterprise BitLocker management without Challenge/Response installed, see Recovery with BitLocker recovery key ID.

Access FileVault 2 encrypted Macs

To access FileVault 2 encrypted Macs, use SafeGuard Management Center to get the FileVault 2 recovery keys.

See Recovery key for Mac endpoints.