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Supported migration paths

Set up minimal SafeGuard Enterprise system

If you discover encrypted files or computers after you decommissioned SafeGuard Enterprise, you can access them by setting up a minimal SafeGuard Enterprise system.


  • You stored components before decommissioning SafeGuard Enterprise. See SafeGuard components to keep.
  • Recovery keys haven't changed after you stored the SafeGuard Enterprise components.

Set up SafeGuard Enterprise

To set up a minimal SafeGuard Enterprise system, do as follows:

  1. Use Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) to restore your SafeGuard Enterprise database backup to a new SQL Server instance.

    See the Microsoft document Restore a Database Backup Using SSMS.

  2. Set the database access rights of the user account that will use the SafeGuard Enterprise system.

    For user accounts you configured before creating the database backup, you only need to check that access rights were restored correctly.

    For a list of required database access rights, see Database access rights.

  3. Use the SGNManagementCenter.msi installer to install SafeGuard Management Center.

    See Install SafeGuard Management Center.

  4. Import the MSO certificate into SafeGuard Certificate Manager.

    See Import the MSO certificate.

  5. Start SafeGuard Management Center from the Windows Start menu and follow the instructions of the configuration assistant.

    1. On the Database Server Connection page, select your SQL server instance.
    2. On the Database Settings pages, select the restored database.

    For details on setting up SafeGuard Management Center, see Configuring SafeGuard Management Center.