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Supported migration paths

SafeGuard components to keep

We strongly recommend you back up a few components before decommissioning your SafeGuard Enterprise installation. These components let you set up a minimal SafeGuard Enterprise system for accessing devices you discover after decommission.

Store the following components in a safe and access-controlled location:

  • A copy of your SafeGuard Enterprise database.

    See List of best practices in maintaining the SQL database.

  • The Master Security Officer (MSO) certificate and password.

    See Export the MSO certificate.

  • The SafeGuard Enterprise Management Center 8.30 installer, SGNManagementCenter.msi.

    For SafeGuard Enterprise 8.30 installations, you can get the installer file from the installation folder of your product delivery.


We recommend storing the SafeGuard Enterprise 8.30 installer even if your current installation is version 8.20. You can then decrypt files without setting up SafeGuard Enterprise Server. See Access encrypted computers after decommission.