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Supported migration paths

SafeGuard Enterprise decommission guide

This document describes how to decommission SafeGuard Enterprise. It also explains how to access encrypted files and devices you discover after decommission.

We strongly recommend you contact Sophos Professional Services to see how they can help you decommission or migrate SafeGuard Enterprise successfully.

We'll retire SafeGuard Enterprise on July 20, 2023.

After that date, the following happens:

  • We won't release any updates or security hotfixes for SafeGuard Enterprise.
  • We won't provide any support or maintenance for SafeGuard Enterprise.
  • Subscription-based SafeGuard licenses stop functioning.
  • Perpetual SafeGuard licenses continue to function.


We recommend the following migration paths:

You can use Sophos Central Device Encryption and conpal LAN Crypt in combination.


If you don't want to migrate, follow the information in this document to remove SafeGuard Enterprise from your Windows computers and Macs and decrypt all media.