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The Search page shows the field where you can enter a term to search within the SDU/CTR and you may also filter the results based on the guidelines below:

Search Terms

Input Description Result
Mary little lamb You may enter terms separated by space to search multiple entries Mary; little; lamb
"Mary had a little lamb" Using quotation marks will search for the whole string and ignore spaces. Mary had a little lamb


BOOLEAN operators (AND, NOT) are allowed while (OR) is ignored because there is an implicit OR between every term in the results. Enclose your search with { } to evaluate the characters inside it as a regular expression.

Search Filters

Enter the filters in any order and separate them by using a semicolon (;).

For example, "ORDER= descending; CASE= false". Check the table below to see the different filters you can apply.

FILE Search for a file with or without extension. If no extension provided then all files of that name are searched. The ! operator will exclude the a file. This operator can not be used in conjunction with a normal file parameter
  • FILE= mcsagent.log
  • FILE= mcsagent
  • FILE= !mcsagent
FOLDER Search for a folder to specify only a specific folder and subfolders is searched. The ! operator will exclude a folder and subfolders. These terms can be combined to exclude subfolders.
  • FOLDER= logs
  • FOLDER= !logs
  • FOLDER= logs,!red
EXT By default, all the applicable file extensions are searched, but if this parameter is set, only the extensions listed are searched.
  • EXT= txt
  • EXT= json
  • EXT= log
ORDER Orders the return results from oldest to newest or vice versa ORDER= descending
CASE Determines if the search is case sensitive or not CASE= TRUE