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Email Notifications



Email Notifications ensure that the administrator receives notification on system events, reports and security incidents either via email or SNMP Traps. By enabling this, administrators will be notified on critical system, security events, and reports.


Go to System > Administration > Notification settings.

When built-in email server is used.

  1. Set the "from email address" of the sender.
  2. Set the "Send notifications to email address" of the administrators’ email address.
  3. Set "Management interface IP address" to send notification from.

When External mail server is used.

  1. Set the Mail server IPv4 address/FQDN – Port for the outgoing mail server.
  2. Set the username and password to authenticate to the outgoing mail server.
  3. Set connection security to STARTTLS or SSL/TLS.
  4. Go to Configure > System services > Notification list.
  5. Set the appropriate admin, system, and security events to send email notification and/or SNMP traps.