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Enable automatic backups



Configure the Sophos Firewall to send encrypted backup of the configuration to the administrator’s email address or store it at the backup FTP server.


Hardware or software failure can happen any time. In the event that the network needs to be restored immediately, ensure that a backup of the configuration is taken at a regular interval and stored in an encrypted format at a redundant location to restore to the new device.


  1. Go to Backup and firmware > Backup & restore > Backup.
  2. Configure Backup mode to either FTP or Email.

    When Backup mode is set to FTP, configure the FTP server IP, Username, and FTP password.

    When Backup mode is set to Email, configure the Email address to the administrator's email address.

  3. Configure the Frequency to Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.

  4. Configure a strong Encryption password and ensure that encrypted backup can be sent successfully. Store the encryption password in a secure location for future recovery.
  5. Click Apply.

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