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SURF SFOS Health Check Overview

SURF Health allows Sophos Support to gauge a customer’s Sophos Firewall configuration and provide them suggestions to ensure they follow the best practice.

SFOS Health Check

  1. Open Sophos SURF and select Mode: Support.
  2. Sign-in with your Sophos credentials.
  3. Open an SDU, CTR file, or select a folder on the Landing page.
  4. Click the Health tab.
  5. Explore the Summary Health page.
  6. Check the alerts and set the required configuration.
  7. You may click Accept to accept the risk for items (this removes them from the score calculation).


The Summary Health banner shows whether the SFOS configuration is either High Risk, Medium/High Risk, Medium Risk, Medium/Low Risk, or Best Practice. For more information on the score system and formula, go to SURF Health Check Score system and Formula.