Sophos Central platform

Sophos Central is hosted on Amazon Web Services, across a number of virtual machine instances and services that dynamically scale to handle the current Sophos Central workload.

When you create a Sophos Central account, you will be provided with the choice of region where you set up your account. These regions are completely independent, and data is not moved between them.

At present, the options are Germany, Ireland, and the United States. Sophos Central regions are synonymous with AWS Regions; EU-Central-1, EU-West-1, US-East-2 and US-West-2.

Sophos Central is a cloud native application and has worked deeply with our partner Amazon to build a highly available and durable application. All data is geo-fenced in the customer selected region. Within that region we employ replication across multiple data centers (availability zones), provided by Amazon, to provide seemly failover in the event of infrastructure-level failures. All customer data is locked to a region and cannot be transferred across regions.

Sophos Central uses well-known, widely used, and industry standard software libraries to mitigate common vulnerabilities (covered in the OWASP Top Ten). By leveraging standard libraries, we benefit from the high level of scrutiny they face not just in terms of security but stability as well.

Figure 1: Sophos Central Architecture