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Last update: 2022-03-16


You can view and manage the alerts for your Sophos Central Admin sub-estates that have enterprise management enabled.

To search for alerts associated with a sub-estate, enter the sub-estate's name or the beginning of the sub-estate's name. To display all the records again, clear the search field.

You can filter the list of alerts based on their priority. You can choose to:

  • Show All Alerts (default)

  • Show High Alerts Only

  • Show Medium Alerts Only

  • Show Info Alerts Only

Launch Sophos Central

If enterprise management is enabled in the sub-estate's Sophos Central Admin account, you can open their Sophos Central Admin console and take action on alerts.

If the sub-estate hasn't enabled enterprise management you can't see this option.

Select the alert and click Launch Sophos Central Admin.


Enterprise management can only be enabled by the sub-estate's Sophos Central Admin administrator. The administrator must have the SuperAdmin role to do this.

To enable enterprise management the sub-estate's Sophos Central Admin administrator should turn it on in Sophos Central Admin in the Account Details > Account Preferences option.

Export to CSV

You can export the list of alerts to a comma separated value (CSV) file, which you can then view, for example in Microsoft Excel.

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