Generating reports

Reports provide textual and graphical information on a variety of aspects of your network's security status.

Reports are available via the Report Manager. Using the Report Manager, you can quickly create a report based on an existing template, change configuration of an existing report, and schedule a report to run at regular intervals, with the results being sent to your chosen recipients as an email attachment. You can also print reports and export them in a number of formats.

Sophos provides a number of reports that you can use out of the box or configure to tailor your needs. These reports are:

Reports and role-based administration

If you use role-based administration, you must have the Report configuration right to create, edit, or delete a report. If you do not have this right, you can only run a report. For more information about role-based administration, see Managing roles and sub-estates.

A report can only include data from the active sub-estate. You cannot share reports between sub-estates. The default reports are not copied from the Default sub-estate to new sub-estates you create.

When you delete a sub-estate, all reports in that sub-estate are also deleted.