Monitoring the update manager

Check the update manager status on the Dashboard

The status of the update managers is displayed in the Updates panel on the Dashboard. This will tell you when the last update was downloaded from Sophos and display a warning if the time since the last update exceeds the warning or critical threshold.

Note: The Updates section of the dashboard does not report an alert or error if an update manager is temporarily unable to update. Alerts and errors are only generated if the time since the last update of the update manager exceeds the warning or critical threshold set in Configure the Dashboard.

Check the update manager alerts and errors

Update manager alerts and errors are displayed in the Update managers view, Alerts and Errors columns, respectively.

If you subscribed to a fixed version of software, an alert will be displayed when that version is nearing retirement or is retired. An alert will also be displayed if your product license has changed.

To view update manager alerts and errors:

  1. If you are in the Endpoints view, click the Update managers button on the toolbar to display the Update managers view.
  2. In the list of update managers, look in the Alerts and Errors columns for any possible problems.
  3. If there is an alert or error displayed next to an update manager, right-click that update manager and click View Update Manager Details.

    In the Update manager details dialog box, you can see the time of the last threat detection data and software updates, status of the subscription or subscriptions that the update manager keeps up to date, and update manager status.

  4. To learn more about a particular update manager status and for information on how to resolve it, follow the link in the Description column.

If you need to check or change your subscription, for example, if the product you are subscribed to is nearing retirement, or your product license has changed and the new license does not include that product, see Subscribe to security software.

If new features become available as a result of a license change, you may need to configure new policies before you can use the features. You can find help with configuring the new policies in the Configuring policies section.

Subscribe to email alerts

You can set up email alerts to be sent to your chosen recipients when the product version you are subscribed to is nearing retirement or is retired, or when your Sophos product features change as a result of a license change. For more information, see Set up software subscription alerts.