Partially detected item

Sophos Endpoint Security and Control may report that an item (for example, a Trojan or potentially unwanted application) is "partially detected". This means that it has not found all the component parts of that application.

To find the other components, you need to carry out a full system scan of the computer(s) affected. On computers running Windows, you can do this by selecting the computer(s), right-clicking and selecting Full system scan. You can also set up a scheduled scan for adware and other potentially unwanted applications. See Configure on-access scanning and Create a scheduled scan.

If the application has still not been fully detected, it may be because:

If the latter is the case, check the list of items excluded from scanning (see Exclude items from on-access scanning). If there are some items on the list, remove them from the list and scan your computer again.

Sophos Endpoint Security and Control may not be able to fully detect or remove adware and other potentially unwanted applications with components installed on network drives.

For advice, contact Sophos technical support.