Turn on Inappropriate Website Control

Perform the following steps to turn on web control in Enterprise Console and use Inappropriate Website Control.

Note: If you use role-based administration:
  • You must have the Policy setting - web control right to edit a web control policy.
  • You cannot edit a policy if it is applied outside your active sub-estate.

For more information about role-based administration, see Managing roles and sub-estates.

To turn on Inappropriate Website Control:

  1. Check which web control policy is used by the group(s) of computers you want to configure. For more information, see Check which policies a group uses.
  2. In the Policies pane, double-click Web control. Then double-click the policy you want to change.
    The Web Control Policy dialog box is displayed.
  3. On the General tab, select Enable web control.
    The Inappropriate Website Control policy is displayed. Although there is a default action for each of the 14 site categories, you can set a different action. For more information, see Select a website category action.