View and edit synchronization properties

Before you perform this task:

To view and edit synchronization properties:

  1. In the Groups pane, select the group (synchronization point) for which you want to edit synchronization properties. Right-click the group and select Synchronization Properties.
    The Synchronization Properties dialog box appears.
  2. In the Active Directory container field, you can see the container which the group is synchronized with. If you want to synchronize the group with a different container, remove synchronization and run the Synchronize with Active Directory wizard again. See Turn synchronization on or off and Synchronize with Active Directory.
  3. In the Synchronization interval field, set the frequency of synchronization. The default is 60 minutes. The minimum is 5 minutes.
  4. Select the Install Sophos security software automatically check box if you want to protect all newly discovered Windows workstations automatically, in compliance with their respective group policies. Under Features, the anti-virus protection is selected by default. If you want to have other Sophos security software installed, select the relevant check boxes. Enter the username and password of an administrator account that will be used to install software on the computers.
Note: Only Windows workstations can be protected automatically. Computers running Windows server operating systems, Mac OS, Linux, or UNIX cannot be protected automatically. You must protect such computers manually, as described in the Sophos Enterprise Console advanced startup guide.