Use synchronization to protect computers automatically

Before you perform this task:

Windows workstations can be protected automatically when discovered during synchronization with Active Directory.

Important: Computers running Windows server operating systems, Mac OS, Linux, or UNIX will not be protected automatically. You must protect such computers manually as described in the Sophos Enterprise Console advanced startup guide.

You can protect computers in synchronized groups automatically either when setting up synchronization (see Synchronize with Active Directory), or by editing the synchronization properties later.

The instructions below tell you how to protect computers by editing the synchronization properties.

  1. In the Groups pane, select the group (synchronization point) for which you want to enable automatic protection. Right-click the group and select Synchronization Properties.
  2. In the Synchronization Properties dialog box, select the Install Sophos security software automatically check box, and then select the software you want to install.
    • Before installing Firewall on computers, make sure you have configured the firewall to allow the traffic, applications, and processes you want to use. By default, the firewall is enabled and blocks all non-essential traffic. See Firewall policy.
    • Leave Third-Party Security Software Detection selected if you want to have another vendor's software removed automatically. If you need to remove another vendor's updating tool, see Remove third-party security software.
  3. Enter the username and password of an administrator account that will be used to install software on the computers. Click OK.

Should you want to disable automatic protection later, in the Synchronization Properties dialog box, clear the Install Sophos security software automatically check box.