About SafeGuard Enterprise for Mac

Sophos SafeGuard runs on Macs to protect them. It has two parts: You may not have all the features described in this Help. This depends on your license and the policies you received from your security officer.

Sophos SafeGuard is configured and managed centrally from the Sophos SafeGuard Management Center. For more information on managing Sophos Safeguard Enterprise, see the documentation page.

To access general information on your installation of Sophos SafeGuard, click the Sophos SafeGuard icon in the system menu and open the Sophos SafeGuard preference pane.

The most important options for encrypting and decrypting files are available in a right-click menu in the Finder.

Important Before you update your operating system, make sure that your version of Sophos SafeGuard supports the newest version of the operating system, see SafeGuard Enterprise release notes. If you update your operating system first, you may lose access to your data.