Add an SSL profile

This topic shows how you enable SSL remote access, configure basic settings and access control.

  1. Go to Remote Access > SSL > Profiles.

  2. Click New Remote Access Profile.

    The Add Remote Access Profile dialog box opens.

  3. Specify the following settings:

    Profile name: Enter a descriptive name for the profile.

    Users and groups: Select the users and user groups who should be able to use SSL remote access (in this example: gforeman).

    Local networks: Select the local networks that endpoint devices should be able to reach. Example: Internal (Network)).

    Note: If you want SSL-connected users to be able to access the internet, select Any in Local networks. Then you must define appropriate Masquerading or NAT rules to allows this network traffic.

    Comment (optional): Add a description or other information.

  4. Click Save.

    The profile shows in the list and is active.

Cross Reference: For more information about remote access, go to Remote Access in the UTM administration guide.