On the Advanced tab you can configure an alternative hostname and port number for the User Portal as well as language and security options.


During login, the User Portal fetches the language settings of the web browser and loads the respective locales to display the portal in the same language as the browser defaults. For browser language settings that are not available for the User Portal, you can select here which language will be the fallback language. Users have additionally the option to select a language on the User Portal login page.


The User Portal uses cookies to track sessions. Persistent cookies permit to return after having closed a session without having to log in again. They can always be deleted from user-side, however, by using the Log Out button of the User Portal.

Disable Portal Items

For the features listed here a menu item is displayed in the User Portal when the respective feature has been enabled in WebAdmin. However, here you can define menu items that should not be displayed in the User Portal. To do so, select the respective option(s) and click Apply.

Network Settings

Hostname: By default, this is the hostname of Sophos UTM on AWS as given on the Management > System Settings > Hostname tab. However, if you want to grant access to the User Portal for users gaining access over the Internet, it might be necessary to enter an alternative hostname here that can be publicly resolved.

Listen address: Default value is Any. When using the web application firewall you need to give a specific interface address for the service to listen for User Portal connections. This is necessary for the User Portal connection handler and the web application firewall to be able to differentiate between the incoming SSL connections.

Port: By default, port 443 for HTTPS is selected. You can change the port to any value in the range from 1024 to 65535. Note that you cannot select either 10443 or the WebAdmin TCP Port, which is configured on the Management > WebAdmin Settings > Advanced tab. Independent of the defined port, the User Portal can always be accessed via HTTPS only.

Welcome Message

You can customize the welcome message of the User Portal. Simple HTML markup and hyperlinks are allowed.

Note – Changing the welcome message is not possible when using a home use license.