Single AMI

Single AMI supports 1-Click Launch which allows you to install the Stand Alone UTM on AWS on a single EC2 and specify settings like EC2 instance type, AMIClosed version (we recommend the latest), VPC settings, Security Groups, and Key Pair. Sophos has provided an EC2 Sizing Guide in the Sophos UTM on AWS Overview Guide for assistance in choosing the correct EC2 instance type for your deployment. For help with the other settings, please refer to Launch Your Software on Amazon EC2.

  1. Select Single AMI and click Continue.

  2. Under the 1-Click Launch menu, specify the following:

    •  Applicable Instance Type
    • Version (we recommend the latest)
    • Region
    • VPC Settings
    • Security Groups
    • Key Pair
  3. Click on Accept Software Terms & Launch with 1-Click.

    On the next page, you should see the Software Installation Details summarizing the settings for the launch. From here, you can click Manage in the AWS Console to check the launch state of Sophos UTM under the EC2 service. Once the instance status reads as running, click on the Description tab to view the public IP address.

    Please note the Public IP address to connect to your UTM (see chapter Stand Alone Configuration). If you selected 1-Click Launch, you can now proceed to chapter AWS Marketplace Product Support Connection.