Web Messages

Customize the text for web filtering messages displayed by Sophos UTM. Some messages are displayed when users are restricted from downloading files that are too large, are of a certain type, or contain a virus. Other messages are displayed when users attempt to access restricted websites or applications, while users are downloading files, or when users are required to authenticate with Sophos UTM. You can translate messages into other languages or, for example, modify the messages to show customer support contact information.

Note – The text entered in the fields of the Web Messages tab can be referenced in custom web templates. For more information, see chapter Web Templates.

The following messages are configurable:

Modifying a Web Message

To modify a message, do the following:

  1. Select the message.

    From the Page drop-down list, select the end user message that you want to edit.

    The Subject and Description for that message are displayed.

  2. Modify the subject and/or description.

    Modify the default text as necessary.

  3. Click Apply.

    The text changes are saved.

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