Definitions & Users

This chapter describes how to configure network, service, and time period definitions used throughout Sophos UTM. The Definitions Overview page in WebAdmin shows the number of network definitions according to type as well as the numbers of service definitions according to protocol type.

The pages of the Definitions & Users menu allow you to define networks and services that can be used in all other configuration menus in one central place. This allows you to work with the names you define rather than struggling with IP addresses, ports, and network masks. Another benefit of definitions is that you can group individual networks and services together and configure them all at once. If, for example, you assign certain settings to these groups at a later time, these settings will apply to all networks and services within this group.

Additionally, this chapter describes how to configure user accounts, user groups, and external authentication servers of Sophos UTM as well as authentication for client PCs.

The following topics are included in this chapter: