On the WebAdmin Settings > General tab you can configure the WebAdmin language and basic access settings.

WebAdmin Language

Select the language of WebAdmin. The selected language will also be used for some WebAdmin output, e.g., email notifications or the executive report. Note that this setting is global and applies to all users. Click Apply to save your settings.

After changing the language, it might be necessary to empty your browser cache to make sure that all texts are displayed in the correct language.

WebAdmin Access Configuration

Here you can configure which users and/or networks should have access to WebAdmin.

Allowed Administrators: Sophos UTM can be administered by multiple administrators simultaneously. In the Allowed Administrators box you can specify which users or groups should have unlimited read and write access to the WebAdmin interface. By default, this is the group of SuperAdmins. For how to add new users or groups, see Definitions & Users > Users & Groups > Users.

Allowed Networks: The Allowed Networks box lets you define the networks that should be able to connect to the WebAdmin interface. For the sake of a smooth installation of Sophos UTM, the default is Any. This means that the WebAdmin interface can be accessed from everywhere. Change this setting to your internal network(s) as soon as possible. The most secure solution, however, would be to limit the access to only one administrator PC through HTTPS. For how to add a network definition, see Definitions & Users > Network Definitions > Network Definitions.

Log access traffic: If you want to log all WebAdmin access activities in the firewall log, select Log access traffic checkbox.