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Find out how we support MDR.


The following service components are available to all Sophos customers who are entitled to Enhanced support and have valid licenses and, solely with respect to products, paid up maintenance fees. Enhanced support is available at no cost to Sophos partners.

Software downloads, updates and maintenance

  • Web-based access to the latest scheduled software upgrades, including error correction packages and functionality upgrades
  • Web-based access to Sophos malware and spam updates in order to provide rapid protection against the latest security threats

Web self-help support and Support Forums

  • Web-based access to our forums
  • Comprehensive, searchable knowledgebase
  • Customer Resource Centers for each Sophos solution including:

    • “Getting Started and Making the Most of Your Solution” tips and best practices
    • System requirements, start up guides and manuals
    • Videos and demonstrations of the Sophos solutions
  • Product Upgrade Center with information on new versions, system requirements and upgrade guides

  • Product advisories and security threat information

Access to news subscriptions

  • Registration for news and alerts
  • General information on security threats and protection strategies through support news bulletins
  • Product release information on errors corrected, new features and installation instructions
  • Keep up to date on the latest products news, events and news via Twitter; follow @SophosSupport
  • Control which Sophos product notifications get sent to your mobile device through Manage Alerts

Online Support case management and reporting portal

Unlimited access to the online Sophos Support Portal

  • View, open, close and manage Sophos Support cases
  • Access the latest support notifications, advisories and articles
  • Ability to grant administrator or user rights
  • Create groups allowing teams within the organization to view and take action on cases for other members
  • Export case reporting and statistics

Remote Assistance Support

  • In order to expedite the diagnosis and resolution of Incidents, Sophos Technical Support may request remote access to the affected system. In the event that remote access to the affected system is not available, the elapsed time to resolve Incidents may be extended. During remote access sessions, the tech support engineer might also request access to items such as diagnostic logs to aid in the investigation.
  • Remote access will only be carried out with the express permission of the customer or partner and shall remain under the customer’s or partner’s supervision and instruction.
  • Sophos Technical Support will only use industry recognized tools such as SSH (Secure Shell), Microsoft Terminal Services, LogMeIn Rescue or TeamViewer, to enable remote access to the affected system.

Warranty (Sophos XG and XGS Appliances, Sophos RED/SD-RED and Access Points)

The Benefits listed below are provided for customers who are on valid and continuous support contracts. As well, these benefits are valid for Sophos XG and XGS Series appliances, Sophos RED/SD-RED and Access Points only. If the appliance is an SG appliance, please see our UTM 9 guide for options on warranty, extended warranty and technical support. MSP Flex devices have the same service level as Enhanced Plus.

  • Extended Warranty on Sophos XG and XGS Series appliances

    • If a customer wishes to extend their warranty beyond the 1 year included warranty, they will be required to purchase a support plan
    • Advanced RMA
    • All customers on a support plan are entitled to Advanced RMA. Sophos will use reasonable endeavors to send a replacement unit to the customer within 24 hours of the notification and receipt of an RMA number, at Sophos’ expense. The 24-hour, upfront service is valid for the lifetime of the purchased support contact. When the customer sends the device to Sophos, it is at their own risk.
  • Technical Support and Warranty for Sophos RED/SD-RED and Access point devices -Technical support and software downloads and updates for legacy RED and AP Series Access points follow the appliance to which the devices are associated. If the customer has a valid support contract on their XG and XGS Series appliance, any RED or AP Series Access Points will be covered.


    Legacy AP Series Access Points are not supported on XGS Series appliances

    • If the customer wishes to have an extended hardware warranty for legacy RED and AP Series Access Points, the XG and XGS Series appliance must be covered under an Enhanced Plus support plan.
    • APX Series Access Points and SD-RED devices are supplied with a 5-year return & replace warranty. Further warranty extensions are not possible.
    • The APX and SD-RED Warranty is 5 years from Sophos invoice date. After warranty expires no RMA will be accepted. The APX and SD-RED warranty is independent of any other product.
    • If the customer wishes to have an advanced hardware replacement for SDRED and APX Series Access Points, the XG or XGS Series appliance they are connected to must be covered under an Enhanced Plus support plan.
  • High Availability

    • Active/Active: A customer needs to buy a support plan (Enhanced or Enhanced Plus) for each of the active appliances in order to receive technical support, advanced replacement or extended warranty for each unit
    • Active/Passive: Technical support on the passive unit will be provided if the active unit has Enhanced or Enhanced Plus support on the appliance. An Enhanced Plus support contract is required for the master (active) unit in order to receive advanced replacement and/or extended warranty for the slave (passive) unit
  • For additional details see the following:

Continuous Support Contracts

A customer will receive the above mentioned warranty benefits only if their support contract is valid and kept continuously active. In the event the support contract lapses, and the customer wishes to receive the benefits, they may renew their contract. Sophos reserves the right to charge Licensee a reinstatement charge in accordance with its then current price list (which shall be no greater than 6 months of Fees).