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Last update: 2022-03-31

Campaign results

You can see a summary of each user's or group’s activity.

Go to Phish Threat > Campaigns and click on campaign.

For each user, time stamps are shown for the following events:

  • Email sent: When the user was sent the campaign email.
  • Email opened: When the user opened the email.
  • Reported Email: When the user reported the email as a phishing email.
  • Clicked link: When the user clicked the phishing link in the email.
  • Entered Credentials: When the user entered credentials that were requested by the email in a Credential Harvesting campaign.
  • Started training: When the user began the required training course.
  • Finished training: When the user successfully passed the quiz at the end of the required training.

For each group, the numbers of users, instead of time stamps, are shown for each of the above events.

To clear a user's events from the campaign results click Clear campaign events Clear campaign events icon. This action clears everything except Email sent events, and is recorded in the Audit Log.

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