Endpoint web control

Sophos Web or UTM appliances can perform filtering for URLs and file types at the network gateway. Sophos Enterprise Console allows you to extend some of this same capability to endpoints via Sophos Endpoint Security and Control, filtering 14 essential site categories on user machines.

By combining a Sophos appliance with Sophos Enterprise Console, however, your organization can take advantage of features that both products have to offer. Once you have configured them to work together, you can apply a Full Web Control policy (with more than 50 site categories) to each user machine by way of Sophos Enterprise Console.

Endpoints then receive policy updates and send web activity reports to the appliance, and send web events to Sophos Enterprise Console.

Sophos Enterprise Console can enable endpoint web control using three different methods:

  • Sophos Enterprise Console only
  • Sophos Enterprise Console and Web Appliance
  • Sophos Enterprise Console and UTM