About Sophos Enterprise Console

Sophos Enterprise Console is a single, automated console that manages and updates Sophos security software on computers running Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and UNIX operating systems, and in virtual environments with VMware vShield.

Sophos Enterprise Console enables you to do the following:

  • Protect your network against malware, risky file types and websites, and malicious network traffic, as well as adware and other potentially unwanted applications.
  • Control which websites users can browse to, further protecting the network against malware, and preventing users from browsing to inappropriate websites.
  • Control which applications can run on the network.
  • Manage client firewall protection on endpoint computers.
  • Assess computers for missing patches.
  • Reduce accidental data loss, such as unintentional transfer of sensitive data, from endpoint computers.
  • Prevent users from using unauthorized external storage devices and wireless connection technologies on endpoint computers.
  • Prevent users from re-configuring, disabling, or uninstalling Sophos security software.
Note Some of the features above are not included with all licenses. If you want to use them, you might need to change your license. For more information about available licenses, see www.sophos.com/en-us/products/enduser-protection-suites/how-to-buy.aspx and www.sophos.com/en-us/products/server-security/how-to-buy.aspx.