About upgrading

SafeGuard Enterprise 8.0 or newer can be directly upgraded to the latest version of SafeGuard Enterprise. If you want to upgrade from older versions, you must first upgrade to version 8.0.

During an upgrade, you cannot make changes to the installed features or modules. If changes are required, run the installer of the version already in place again and modify the installation, see About migrating.

For successful operation, version numbers of SafeGuard Enterprise Database, SafeGuard Enterprise Server and SafeGuard Management Center must match. They must be of the same or a higher version as the clients. Managing newer clients (for example 8.10) with older backend components (for example 8.0) is not supported.

The following components are upgraded during an upgrade to the latest version of SafeGuard Enterprise. Carry out the upgrade in the order shown below:

  1. SafeGuard Management Center (includes the successful upgrade of the database)
  2. SafeGuard Enterprise Server and Web Helpdesk
  3. SafeGuard Enterprise protected endpoints
  4. SafeGuard Enterprise configuration packages

By default, all File Encryption policies are converted to or treated as policies with Encryption type set to Location-based.

Note Once all SafeGuard Enterprise components and endpoints have been upgraded, we recommend that you switch to the more secure algorithm SHA-256 to sign SafeGuard Enterprise-generated certificates, see Change algorithm for self-signed certificates.