Secured Folders

Secured Folders are locations on your Mac, on network shares, or on removable devices where files are encrypted. Your security officer defines your Secured Folders in a policy. Typically, these are folders such as Documents and temporary folders where Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail stores email attachments.

With macOS Catalina, SafeGuard Enterprise needs your permission for accessing folders like Documents, Desktop, Pictures and Apple Mail.

Follow these steps to allow SafeGuard Enterprise to access these folders:

  1. Open Security & Privacy.
  2. Unlock to make changes.
  3. Select Full Disk Access.
  4. Click the + button to add these two SafeGuard apps to your Full Disk Access panel:
    • sgd from the folder /usr/local/bin/
    • Sophos SafeGuard from the folder /Library/Sophos SafeGuard FS


  • Encrypted files only accessible in Secured Folders

    You cannot access an encrypted file that is located outside a Secured Folder. You must either move it to a Secured Folder or decrypt it manually first.

  • Permanent version storage unavailable in Secured Folders

    For files in Secured Folders, the standard functionality Browse All Versions... is not available.

  • Searching for files
    • By default, searching for files in Secured Folders using Spotlight is not possible. To turn on Spotlight support, see Search for encrypted files.
    • Searching for labeled files does not work in Secured Folders.
  • Sharing Secured Folders

    A Secured Folder cannot be shared over the network.