Sophos Anti-Virus: Version release dates


Sophos is retiring this product on 20 July 2023. For product retirement details, see our retirement calendar.

We continue to monitor the global situation, we are releasing updates as usual but please note that we may vary the update schedule at short notice if the situation changes. The current situation is:

  • Recommended and Preview subscription updates are proceeding to schedule.
  • Please check this calendar regularly as we will update it as soon as we have new updates or schedule changes to share.

This article relates to on-premise installations (done through the Enterprise Console) and lists the proposed release versions for the coming six month period.


Updates are staged and are rolled out throughout each month. Occasionally the latest versions shown for a month in the calendar may not be available to every customer during that month due to the way that we roll out updates. Sometimes your computers may get more than one update during any given month dependent on the components being updated, the staging, and the operating system running on the computer.Sophos reserves the right to update subscriptions at short or no notice where major issues or vulnerabilities have been identified. We will endeavor to notify customers in advance but this may not always be possible due to the fast-moving nature of security and protection technologies and the need to release updated protection as quickly as possible.

Further details and more precise dates are available to customers with Enhanced TAM support, if you would like to know more about your support options please contact your Sales Account Manager.