What policies are available?

Note Some features will be unavailable if your license does not include them.
  • The Updating policy specifies how computers are updated with new security software.
  • The Anti-virus and HIPS policy specifies how the security software scans computers for viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware, adware, potentially unwanted applications, suspicious behavior and suspicious files, and how it cleans them up.
  • The Application control policy specifies which applications are blocked and which are allowed on your computers.
  • The Firewall policy specifies how the firewall protects computers.
  • The Data control policy specifies rules for monitoring or restricting the transfer of files, based on file content, filename, or file type.
  • The Device control policy specifies which storage and networking devices are not authorized for use on workstations.
  • The Patch policy specifies whether patch assessment is enabled and how often computers are assessed for missing patches.
  • The Tamper protection policy specifies the password that allows authorized endpoint users to re-configure, disable or uninstall Sophos security software.
  • The Web control policy specifies which websites can be browsed to by users. A notification is displayed to users for sites that are configured as "block" or "warn."
  • The Exploit prevention policy specifies which applications, functions and processes are protected against exploitation, such as protecting document files from ransomware (CryptoGuard) or protecting critical functions in web browsers (Safe Browsing).