Primary server

The primary server is set up automatically with the default primary server location. By default, computers update from a single primary source UNC share, \\<ComputerName>\SophosUpdate, where <ComputerName> is the name of the computer where Sophos Update Manager is installed.

To access the share, the computers use the Sophos Update Manager credentials that you entered during the installation of Sophos Enterprise Console. If you followed recommendations in the Sophos Enterprise Console startup guide, the account is named “SophosUpdateMgr”.

If you need to change the credentials, see Change primary server credentials.

If you access the update source via a proxy server, click Proxy details and enter the proxy server details.

If you want to enable location roaming, see Location roaming for laptops.

You can also enable bandwidth throttling to limit the amount of bandwidth the computers can use when updating. On the Primary Server tab in the updating policy, click the Advanced button. In the Advanced Settings dialog box, select the Limit amount of bandwidth used check box, and then use the slider control to specify the maximum bandwidth in Kbits/second.