Manage website exceptions

If you have selected the Inappropriate Website Control policy, you can create exceptions to the “Block” and “Warn” actions. You can exempt websites from filtering by adding them to the “Websites to Allow” or “Websites to Block” list. Entries can take the form of IP addresses and domain names. You can also edit existing website entries, and remove websites from a list.

Note If there are conflicting or overlapping entries in the 'Block' and 'Allow' lists, the entries in the Block list will always take precedence. For example, if the same IP address is included in the Block list and the Allow list, the website is blocked. Furthermore, if a domain is included in the Block list, but a subdomain of that same domain is included in the Allow list, the Allow entry is ignored, and the domain and all of its subdomains are blocked.

To add a website exception:

  1. On the Website Exceptions tab, click the Add button next to the Websites to Allow or Websites to Block text box.
  2. In the Add Website to Allow dialog box, click Domain name, IP address with subnet mask, or IP address. Examples of each format are displayed above the associated text box.
  3. In the text box, enter the domain name or IP address for the website you want to allow or block.
  4. Click OK.

If you want to edit a website or remove it from a list, select the website, and click Edit or Remove accordingly.