Check that computers are protected

Computers are protected if they are running on-access scanning and the firewall (if you have installed it). For full protection, the software must also be up to date.

Note You may have chosen not to use on-access scanning on certain types of computer, for example, file servers. In this case, ensure that the computers use scheduled scans and that they are up to date.

To check that computers are protected:

  1. Select the group of computers you want to check.
  2. If you want to check computers in subgroups of the group, select At this level and below in the drop-down list.
  3. In the list of computers, on the Status tab, look in the On-access column.
    If you see “Active,” the computer is running on-access scanning. If you see a gray shield, it is not.
  4. If you installed the firewall, look in the Firewall enabled column.
    If you see “Yes,” the firewall is enabled. If you see a gray firewall sign and the word “No,” the firewall is disabled.
  5. If you use other features, such as application control, data control, or patch, check the status in the respective column.

For information about how to check that computers are up to date, see Check that computers are up to date.

For information about how to find computers with problems using the computer list filters, see Find computers with problems.