Server tab

The Server tab contains the following information and functionality related to the SafeGuard Enterprise Server:

Server Info

  • Contact Interval: Time between synchronisations with the server.
  • Last Contacted: Date of the last synchronisation with the server.
  • Primary Server URL: URL of the main server connection.
  • Secondary Server URL: URL of the secondary server connection.
  • Server Verification: Indicates whether SSL server verification for communication with the server is enabled.
Drag configuration zip file here

Drag the configuration zip file to this drop zone in order to apply configuration information from the SafeGuard Enterprise Server to the Mac.


Click this button to manually synchronize with the SafeGuard Enterprise Server.

Check Connection

Click this button to check your connection with the SafeGuard Enterprise Server.

Company Certificate
  • Valid from: the date the certificate has become valid
  • Valid to: the date the certificate validity expires
  • Issuer: the instance which has issued the certificate
  • Serial: the serial number of the company certificate