User tab

The User tab displays the following information:

  • Your Username.
  • The Domain directory your Mac belongs to. For local users, the local computer name is displayed.
  • The SafeGuard User GUID that was generated during your first logon.
  • The SafeGuard User State indicates, whether you are an SGN user or an Unconfirmed user. As an unconfirmed user, you cannot access or create encrypted files. In this case, ask your security officer to confirm your account.

The second window section displays information about the User Certificate. This is only relevant for File Encryption.

  • Valid from: the date the certificate has become valid
  • Valid to: the date the certificate validity expires
  • Issuer: the instance which has issued the certificate
  • Serial: the serial number of the certificate

In the third window section, you can choose to display an icon in the system menu for each component. These options are only available when the corresponding component is installed.

  • Show System Menu for Native Device Encryption
  • Show System Menu for File Encryption