Create or edit a policy

You can create new policies or you can edit the default policies.

To create or update a policy:

  1. In Sophos Enterprise Console, if the Policies pane (bottom left-hand side of the window) is not displayed, on the View menu, click Endpoints.
  2. In the Policies pane, do one of the following:
    • To create a new policy, right-click the type of policy that you want to create, for example Updating, and click Create Policy.
    • To edit a default policy, double-click the type of policy that you want to edit. Then select Default.
    If you created a policy, a New Policy is added to the list, with its name highlighted. Type the name that you want to use for the policy.
  3. Double-click the policy. Enter the settings that you want.

If you created a policy, you need to apply your policy to a computer group.