View firewall events

Firewall events are sent only once from an endpoint computer to the console. Identical events from different endpoints are grouped together in the Firewall - Event Viewer. In the Count column, you can see the total number of times that an event has been sent from different endpoints.

To view firewall events:

  1. On the Events menu, click Firewall Events.
    The Firewall - Event Viewer dialog box appears.
  2. In the Search period field, click the drop-down arrow and select the period for which you want to display the events.

    You can either select a fixed period, for example, Within 24 hours, or select Custom and specify your own time period by selecting the starting and ending dates and times.

  3. If you want to view events of a certain type, in the Event type field, click the drop-down arrow and select the event type.

    By default, the event viewer displays all types of events.

  4. If you want to view events for a certain file, in the File name field, enter the file name.

    If you leave this field empty, events for all files will be displayed.

    You can use wildcards in this field. Use ? for any single character and * for any string of characters.

  5. Click Search to display a list of events.

In the Firewall - Event Viewer dialog box, you can create a firewall rule as described in Create a firewall event rule.

You can export the list of firewall events to a file. For details, see Export the list of events to a file.